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Webinar recordings

The Evolution of the S1000D IETP

The role and function of the S1000D IETP solution have morphed over the years, but where do solutions need to go next?

Join Mike on this free webinar and learn about how S1000D IETP solutions have evolved and where solutions are going with our guest speaker Bob Hogg from RWS.

Day-to-Day Software tools

After several requests for tutorials around software tools, we have recorded a 30-minute video on the day-to-day, affordable tools we use here at TDW.

Costing an S1000D Project

In this webainr we look at the pillars and factors to consider when costing an S1000D project. The webinar starts with looking at the risks and approaches to S1000D budgeting, then moves into a more formulaeic approach to costing.

SX000i - Starting with data quality

During this webinar, we look at the emerging S-Series specifications and SX000i. 

The second part of the presentation we look at Data quality and the need for Data Quality in Integrated Product Support.

6 Methods to define an S1000D DMRL

The S1000D Data Management Requirements List is a key part of any S1000D project.

On this webinar we look at the role (beyond what S1000D says) of the DMRL and the 6 methods that can be used to populate a succesful DMRL.

The Connected Technical Publication (Presented to NATO)

TDW was asked to present at the NATO Life-cycle Management Group. We presented on the role of the modern technical publication and how it is supporting in-service products today.

S1000D & MindManager

Using affordable and widely available tools to aid our S1000D adoption. In this webinar we look at the role of Mind Mapping tools and how they can help us in complex specification implementation and adoption.

Structuring Structure

In this webinar we take a look at how we use MindManager to help us visualise S1000D structure in a collaborative S1000D project environment.

The S-Series and the Digital Thread

The role of the S-Series is increasingly questioned in the world of Integrated Product Support. In this webinar we look at the S-Series and how it will enable the Digital Thread.

CBM+ and the S1000D PDM

Condition Based Maintenance and S1000D are a match made in heaven? In this recording we look closer at an aspect of CBM+ and how using the S1000D Process Data Module can deliver real value and benefit to the product owner and maintainer.

STE - Let us show you how!

Ciaran Dodd a world recognsied STE expert talks us through Simplified Technical English and applies some of the rules and principles to live text.


S1000D DMRL Excel template

At TDW we have developed several ‘soft’ tools to aid with the implementation of both S1000D and the wider S-Series. One of the tools we have created is an excel DMRL spreadsheet which is freely available.

Guides, eBooks and Papers

RapidS1000D Guide

A fully interactive S1000D Guide to help you navigate the S10000D Specification.

The Evolution of the S1000D IETP

In this whitepaper we examine the changing role of the S1000D IETP and question how we can address some emerging industry challenges.