Although we support the work of many working groups, industry bodies and supporting software vendors, we are 100% independent, we have no interest in you selecting one software, standard, specification or process over another. We focus on giving you the right information that is needed for you, your products and your organisation. 

We are passionate

Our passion for our training courses is clear to all who attend. The time and effort invested in our material give students the very best of a learning environment through material that flows and grows throughout the course.

No hidden agenda

Many providers of training will either only teach what is relevant to the products and/or services that they will hope to provide you post-training. Our agenda is transparent, sharing with you our knowledge and giving you the level of skill you need to take your IPS projects forward.

Theory is only part of the learning

Anyone can train on the theory of a well-documented specification. The ability to align the theory to the real world and how your organization works is a key and unique skill we have here. 

Training material you will love!

Our approach to training is through engaging content, animations and examples.

What you can expect on your training

Full colorful and engaging presentations broken into logical steps.

Our training courses include templates and tools to get you going. 

Online resources to help you during your learning, no getting lost in terms and acronyms on our courses.

If your course needs it, we can source trial licenses of software from vendors we trust.