Our SX000i & S-Series courses

We have developed the most comprehensive and engaging material to support the learning process of the major S-Series specifications. For more details and to request a full syllabus of our courses, please contact us by email or using the contact links on our contact us page.

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S1000D for Technical Authors
How to contract for S1000D
S1000D for Engineers - what you need to know!
S1000D for Project Managers and Project Leaders
S1000D 101 - What you need to know
Introducing SX000i - How to use this specification
Introducing S2000M - Issue 6+
How to develop and define an S1000D DMRL
Introducing S6000T for your learning needs
Developing S1000D Project Business Rules and BREX Modules
How to customise S1000D to meet your project requirements

Our latest S-Series Course

Understanding the Common Data Model

Understanding how all of the S-Series specifications talk to each other is critical to understanding how we can flow data from one discipline or data domain to another.

This course looks at the underpinning data model and how we connect data structures to each other. We then look at why this is important and how to implement it within our organisation.